Nissan puts spotlight on heritage cars at new public display area

Nissan puts spotlight on heritage cars at new public display area

Nissan opened the Heritage Zone, a new permanent public exhibition space at its headquarters in Yokohama that will display select models from the company's extensive collection of classic cars.


To mark the occasion, 19 heritage models will go on display for a limited period.


The Heritage Zone will help Nissan communicate its rich history and the company's continuing focus on customers. The opening also coincides with the 10th anniversary of Nissan's move from Tokyo to Yokohama in 2009. Since then, more than 13 million people have visited the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery to learn firsthand about the company's latest models and its vision for the future of mobility.


Building on the Gallery's popularity, the new Heritage Zone is an informal space where visitors can discover Nissan's heritage through a rich variety of content.


Vehicle display

The Heritage Zone features classic models chosen from among the hundreds of cars in the Nissan Heritage Collection. The cars shown will change periodically to keep the display fresh and informative. The first three cars on display are the 1935 Datsun 14 Roadster, the 1960 Prince Skyline Sport and the 1966 Nissan Silvia.


Special exhibition corner

This area of the Heritage Zone will be used to tell stories that focus on specific themes and perspectives from Nissan's history. The inaugural exhibit focuses on the company's founding in the 1930s.


Heritage videos

A wall-mounted 220-inch LED screen will play seldom-seen footage from Nissan's archives. This will add immersion and contemporary insight to the display content, allowing visitors to experience Nissan's story through the eyes of people who were there at the time.




The Heritage Zone features a mini-library with a selection of automotive books and back issues of automotive magazines. Visitors can browse these freely in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.


Model car wall

This display shows Nissan's history in miniature, featuring more than 100 model cars spanning the company's history.